Sydney Australia – Day 4; Building the Value Proposition

I thought New Taxi’s were scary – I started day 4 with an over zealous cabby, working hard to get to his next fare.  Crossing the Sydney harbor bridge in rush hour traffic, he repeatedly tested his car’s 0 – 60 capability, only to be stopped every few meters in stand still traffic. (locals will have to translate this to km/hr – sorry).   That combined with my brains desire to enter traffic circles in a clockwise manner and hug the curb during a right hand turn are enough to give anyone a heart attack.

We spent the day working on value proposition messaging; everything from positioning and introductions to corporate presentation and the effective use of social networking tools.  A few debates on the value of complementary assessments, the timing on proposal delivery and strategies for moving past gate keepers, livened up our day.  (Not to mention debates on whether it’s better to live in Perth or the remote regions of Canberra).

In the evening I was hosted by the founder and managers of Earthwave, “The real-time threat management company” and leading MSSP in the Australian region.  Dining at one of Sydney’s more upscale after-work meeting places (The Establishment on George Street pictured above), we sampled sushi and talked business strategy.   I was extremely impressed with the level of sophistication they’ve brought to the MSSP business and excited to see their implementation of the “Making Money with Security” business practices  and how they’ve adopted the House & the Cloud sales strategies.

© 2010, David Stelzl


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