Sydney Australia – Day 2

While preparing for Tuesday’s workshops I couldn’t resist heading down to Darling Harbor, a 30 minute walk to the south of my Hotel on Pitt Street.  I toured the wildlife center noting that there are more venomous snakes here than anywhere else in the world, as well as some pretty mean looking ants and of the mighty crock.  Probably not a place I’ll be back packing in the near future.

In addition, I visited the Maritime Museum and sampled Sydney pizza (I think everyone knows by now that I am a pizza connoisseur.)  It was definitely not a NY pizza, but not bad at all.  You can see several pictures on my Picassa site (Click). So that’s about it for tours, we’re off to work on Tuesday morning, noting that it is still Labor Day in the states and I could be on a picnic right now.


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