A few tips on building your blog traffic

There’s lot’s of secrets – many I am still learning, but I can tell you this from experience:

1. Sterile corporate looking blogs don’t work – no one wants to read them.

2. Don’t bury your blog inside your corporate website – attract people to your blog, then link to your website.

3. No one is going to visit your homepage on a regular basis, so listing your blog on the front page is sort of useless.

4. People want to read about your opinions more than a bunch of product facts.  Focus on the former.

5. Post frequently…yes this is debatable, but in my experience, people forget about you quickly.

6. Use video.  It takes some getting used to – cutting your first “movie” is always uncomfortable.  Just do it.

7. Audio is second best, text is last.  I don’t always do this, but pictures help bring the text alive, so try to add some.

8. Get personal.  People like learning about people.  That’s what makes reality TV work, and it will help your blog.

9. Focus your material on things that help your audience.  So find out what they need and provide it.

10. Write outside your own blog.  Get involved with others online and build the dialogue.

© 2010, David Stelzl



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