Note to Star Alliance Partners…

Star Alliance – you know, USAirways and associated partners that make up the Star Alliance…a few comments for those involved:

1. If your website advertises online booking, it should work.

2. If you provide a phone number, in case of an issue, the customer should not be on hold for 45 minutes or more before just giving up.  Is there anyone actually there?

3. When the customer enters their information in and presses save – the information should be saved, not just 10% of it.  This would allow the customer to recall it once you actually get your website working again.

4. Don’t advertise “easy/fast booking” unless you can provide it – it only irritates the customer to read this while things keep crashing or hanging.

5. If you only support Explorer – you should state this on the website, but this is short sighted.

6.  When you finally do get through to the customer service people, they should be able to process the ticket right there.  The current process of having me send an email, wait on an email back, and then make another phone call in several days is ridiculous.

Customer service really is important!  Make a regular habit of seeing your business processes from the customer point of view!


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