SMB Sound Bites – Crime Targets SMB Businesses through The Web

Preparing for my workshop with Kaspersky today, I came across this great article on SMB cyber crime targets.  Some great sound bites as you speak with business owners who don’t feel like they need your help (the following are sound bite quotes from the linked article below):

1. Hackers and computer criminals have lately been turning away from the impenetrable security systems of large corporations in order to reap the fruits of the vulnerable small business sector.

2. A hefty portion of small business owners have little to no cybers ecurity at all… 1/5  of all small businesses don’t use anti-virus software, 60% have unencrypted wireless networks, and 2/3 do not have a proper security plan in place.

3. cybercrime is undergoing a new phase by switching its focus to the susceptible assets of small businesses…85% of all business fraud occurs in small to medium-sized businesses.

4. Web-based threats are emerging as the most common form of cybercrime…total online theft for 2009 alone totaled over $1 trillion.

5. …only 60% of Level 3 businesses (just one level above mom-and-pop shops) have complied with the Payment Card Industry’s Data and Security Standards

Here’s a link to the entire article:


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