I hate resumes

I think Wall Street’s headlines put an end to the recession a year or so ago – I guess they missed it.  In any case, there are lots of people on the street and resumes flying about wherever I look.  Most of them poorly written boiler plate text that won’t land a position with anyone worth working for.  I found this great (in my opinion) article through one of my colleagues…it’s worth a read if you are updating your resume.  I prefer to answer no, when someone says, “Do you have a resume.”




2 thoughts on “I hate resumes

  1. Resumes are like business cards. Some look professional and others don’t. A business card doesn’t sell the product or service listed on it – it requires a follow-up phone call that will hopefully lead to a face-to-face encounter.

    The whole point of having a resume is to help someone get their foot in the door. Without a resume, the person might as well remain outside with the other folks that still haven’t made that follow-up phone call.


    1. Mister Reiner – Don’t miss the point here. It’s not really like a business card…people stack up and evaluate resumes and they often get tossed if they look like boiler plate. Not the case with a business card. Getting a job is like a sales call – make the call, get the appointment. Try sending your card over and see if you land the big deal.

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