Trouble finding urgent security risks – try the copy machine!

Ignore the first 8 seconds of this video (advertisements), then take notes.  Every one of your clients has one – a copy machine.  This video explains where the risk is and how to demonstrate it.  It this doesn’t wake them up, nothing will.  But make it part of your risk assessment so that you can actually show the client copies of every document they’ve ever copied.  If they are leasing the machine, it may be another company’s documents.  In this video you’ll see documents downloaded from a used copy machine in a warehouse.  One system contains sex crime unit pages, another from a police department, and a third from a health care organization. The key to closing business is in finding something urgent – security issues always top the list, but they must be demonstrated.  Here it is – 100% likelihood  (originally reported on in April, but worth taking a look at right now…Thanks to Matt for passing this on).

© David Stelzl, 2010



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