Sound Bites to Rock Your World, and Your Client’s

Remember the sound bites….bits of information that come from credible sources like the Wall Street Journal or other mainline news sources.  I prefer ones that IT does not frequent – it widens the gap between what you know and their ability to hijack an executive level meeting.   A few pointers on sound bites:

  • I mostly post these on twitter now – make sure you are following
  • You don’t need hundreds, you need a few hardcore, recent, security sound bites
  • They must be on the tip of your tongue – memorize them and practice them
  • Use them to grab your audience – make sure they are attention grabbing
  • Sales are emotional, sound bites are not.  Use the sound bites early on, then move to emotional sales stories.
  • Save them for management – not the technical people.  They don’t really care.
  • If you spend 15 minutes on this each morning, it will pay back a hundred fold!

Looking back at the information security sales training programs I’ve run, this has been one of the highlights for those who have attended!

© David Stelzl, 2010



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