Comments from yesterday’s Making Money with Security Workshop

Notes, comments, and reminders from our partner security workshop in New York City…keep these things in mind.

  • Most deals are lost when you fail to communicate value before providing price
  • Budgets are lost part way through the deal when the focus is on product, or even data value.  There must be a measurement of likelihood, applied to high-value data, in order to justify a security sale.
  • Managed services deals dry up or get unseated when the deal is not based on maintaining an acceptable level of risk.  ROI may work short term, but will be replaced at some point by a cheaper alternative.  After all, if there is no perceived risk, the client can choose a cheaper solution and get the same perceived value.  Perception is reality.
  • Waiting on security disasters is a risky way to make quota.
  • Use assessments to drive sales – download my “Creating Sales” booklet, now available on my LinkedIn Profile. If you are not linked to me – please do…
  • Use sound bites to sell – I will be sending out more sound bites through twitter, so make sure you subscribe to dstelzl… these should come from sources such as the Wall Street Journal.  This strategy works.  IT will not be able to challenge you.
  • Refuse to propose to influencers.  Instead, connect them with your technical people, provide them with the things they really need to be successful (technical wisdom and direction), and make your move to the asset owners.

© David Stelzl, 2010



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