The Managed Services Strategy

Today we completed another strategy workshop specifically on building the managed services offering.  Few comments should be noted for those of you still working on making this a success:

1. The value you bring to the client has less to do with the technology used in the back end, and more to do with understanding your clients’ core needs – needs that can be met through some type of managed programs.  Start by identifying core needs and then figure our how to package aspects of your service to address them.  Then put together the right technology.  This should all hing on consultative and project oriented services you already provide.  The plan must proceed the technology choice.

2. Price it right the first time.  You’ll be sorry if you sell this to everyone only to discover it isn’t profitable.

3. It’s tempting to build it, then figure out how to sell it.  Selling it may be the hardest part – figure some percentage of your client base will buy it.  Then what?  Client acquisition is critical to the success of this offering.

4. Finally – managed services is a commodity.  Your success in selling this will depend on your ability to attach it to higher value activities that precede the sale of manged services.

P.S. I’m writing this while riding from Boston Logan to my hotel – isn’t technology great!

© 2010 David Stelzl


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