If they’re not great…what are they?

We completed day two of the Mastering Boardroom Presentations workshop in Raleigh.  One major observation everyone seemed to come away with – almost every corporate overview needs major re-engineering.  If your prospects aren’t “wowed” by the material you present in the corporate overview…what are they?  Are they recommending others see it?  Do you hear comments like, “I wish Joe were here to see this?”  If not, you might be spewing needless information in your executive briefings.  How many corporate overviews do you think these people see in an average year?  If yours looks like the rest, you’re in trouble.

So we spent the better part of the morning working on some exciting – a presentation that demands attention.  We took the core offerings, but added the concepts from day one that make speeches great.  I’m sure you’ve seen a professional speaker at some point – this has to be that good if you expect it to help you sell millions this year! In the end I think everyone agreed – in just 1 1/2 days, we covered months of developmental and training material.

Also – don’t forget, tomorrow is the first of this years teleseminar topics; 11:30 EDT – don’t miss it.


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