Lessons from Boston – P2P Problems and the FTC

My two day workshop with Courion, as always in these marketing strategy sessions, was just as much a learning session for me as it was helpful to those I worked with.  As we considered the urgency of data risk as it relates to unauthorized access, undetected misuse, and the growing dilemma of unstructured data, Bob forwarded me a telling article on P2P networking that parallels one of the best cases for more security I’ve ever read… (See my post on P2P Peril – http://www.networkcomputing.com/wireless/your-data-and-the-p2p-peril.php)

The point:  Companies and institutions are using P2P networks, but many don’t understand how to manage the security side of this powerful application, and are inadvertently putting sensitive data online with unrestricted access.  Check out this recent article from The Washington Post – then head to clients and include this topic in any assessments or risk analysis.



2 thoughts on “Lessons from Boston – P2P Problems and the FTC

  1. Long ago, before I was in the Security game, I was on these networks. I was able to see just the sort of things that Information Week found when they went looking. It’s amazing how casual people are with their information on P2P networks. Information like that is absolutely something that will wake up a data owner about the risk of P2P.

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