Twitter Scams and Password Security

Here’s a scam that attracts users to a torrent web site – a site used to distribute large files (generally used in music and video sharing).  The idea is to attract users and grow the population for what appears to be a well constructed and useful tool.  Once enrolled, users are infected by malware, allowing the hackers that actually run the site, to gain access to end-user computers.

In this case Twitter was used to attract these people. Once members, passwords were compromised.  The hackers are playing on the belief that most people use the same name and password on many accounts, so if they can steal the credentials used to set up their torrent account, they may then be able to use these credentials to break into other accounts including social networking sites or even online banking accounts.

This provides a great case for strong authentication technology and access control policies that are managed and enforced through technology solutions you provide!  Check out the actual article and explain this to your clients.  Education is the key to business development in this economy:


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