Day 3: The Perfect Greeting

Day three of the Father’s Conference is just coming to an end.  One of the topics covered today related directly to sales success so here it is – the Perfect Greeting.  I’ve said in many of my workshops, you have about six seconds to grab someone’s attention.  If you don’t succeed, you’ll spend the next thirty minutes trying to get back to something interesting.  But there’s more…

People sense what you are thinking when you greet them.  That initial first six seconds needs to be more than interesting, it has to be “interested”.  The speaker related this “interested comment” to wives; stop being interesting and start being interested…if you’re married you can see the connection.  How about your clients?  Are you trying harder to be interesting or interested?  When you meet people they can tell if you are genuinely interested in meeting them, or if you are just showing up for the meeting.  Are you looking down on them, thinking they’re not the decision maker, or critical of them in some way?  People sense this, and if you’re caught, you’re out.

Try this.  When you meet with someone, consider sales people who are not getting the meeting.  Every meeting has potential to either meet a decision maker or gather important information in preparation for an executive meeting (granted, some of these should be done by phone).  Whether this person will introduce you higher into the organization or not, be grateful for the meeting and make the most of it.  It is a waste of time not to.

After today, I believe I have even more great information to share with you about success factors in the 2010 Teleseminar Series, so if you missed the sign-up and you’re reading this on February 1, I’ll let you sign up with the January discount just this one day (Feb 1, 2010).  This is the last chance, so make sure you join us today at .  We have a great group – I’m looking forward to passing on great information that will help round out your 2010 business development strategy.


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