scary stuff in the cloud

I’ve commented before on computing- how secure is it?  Well, it turns out that the provider of cloud service you’re using is not the only security consideration; what about the internet service provider?  Check this out…two woman on Facebook reported being redirected to other peoples pages while trying to access their own.  No passwords other than their own were required, and their access completely unintentional.

Of course this is not a hack; however, what if someone is redirected to something highly sensitive including your personal finances, intellectual capital, or military secrets?  And  what if that person thinks it’s funny and posts it on the web or is connected with something harmful such as a terrorist organization?  This could have major effects on a business brand, homeland security or personal reputation!  Once again, I hear IT calling out, “We’ve got it covered”.  You can read the details in the FOX link below:


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