They have no idea when we’ll recover

USAToday reported (today) – tech spending will recover in 2010!  Great news, but who knows if they’re right?  Reports call for pent-up demand to drive new technology sales in the coming months, giving us some growth over 2009, but less than 2008.  My favorite line, “Now that the recession is over…”.  Read more here:  How do they know – Wall Street reported the recession to be over about 6 months ago…I was dumb enough to believe them.  Now I’m confused.

Now don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I have a bad attitude here – if anyone if feeling optimistic, it’s me.  But relying on recovery for profitability this year would be a mistake.  There’s more competition, more tech companies hurting, and more hungry sales people out there than ever before.  Don’t expect business to just role in because Windows has a new version out (by the way, I am loving my MacBook Pro at this point).  The bottom line:  value – what value do  you bring to your clients to help their businesses recover regardless of recession reports?  If you haven’t done so, I recommend getting a plan together for CYQ1 – figure out who you’re calling on, what they really need, and find a way to  help them get it.


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