mastering boardroom presentations

Have you ever been to a showcase?  Showcases are where speakers go to present their best to an audience of speakers, meeting planners, and other buyers of speaker services to show off their stuff.  Motivational speakers, humorists, trainers, and the like get just a few minutes to give it their best shot.  I attended one of these today…not as a speaker, but simply to observe.  Speaking is hard work!  Whether you’re in front of an audience of several hundred, or simply sharing your company value with a few executives; hopefully with buyer status.  Speaking is a profession to many, including myself, but needs to be more of a profession for sales people; this is where the deal often dies.

With this in mind, my latest workshop addresses this problem – Mastering Boardroom Presentations.  After six years of leading sales workshops on messaging, I am convinced that the presentation is the weak link.  Learn to speak – first get some great instruction and coaching so you know what to do, then join a club like Toastmasters to perfect it.  Read more on my site at:


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