I’m too small to worry about security

“The victims are mostly small to midsize organizations using online bank accounts supplied by local community banks and credit unions, FBI analysis shows.” Small businesses are big targets!  “The reason they’re going here is the controls are antiquated, and a smart program can often get the money out.”  In other words, criminals and hackers know small businesses aren’t ready, can’t detect when something’s missing, and don’t see themselves are targets.  So what’s the key? Getting them to at least understand they need to take a look.  Assessing small business computers at a high level can be done quickly, and generally uncovers major problems.  You’re looking for Malware.  This is the key – these criminals are accessing systems using Trojan Horse technology, meaning all malware is suspect.  So don’t go in and say, you have a virus…let them know their systems have been accessed from the outside.  After all, any Trojan requires the computer to accept the installation of outside code in order to install.  Read about SMB targets in USA Today


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