The Ultimate Team Building Experience

There’s no better way to build the team than to experience the great outdoors together…so on December 3rd, I set out with 5 of my children (and one friend) to take on the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can do that in December when you live in the south, with reasonable certainty that it won’t snow.

We embarked from Big East Fork, just west of Asheville, NC, heading into the Shining Rock Wilderness under cloudy skys.  The temperatures were pleasant, in the high 40s at about 2500 feet above sealevel.

Being a wilderness area, there are no trail blazes or man made structures, however, having been here before and having taken every possible wrong turn, I felt confident we’d find out way using my faithful compass and topo map.  (I have not made the switch to GPS yet, however I have passed groups of people wander aimlessly with their GPS!)

A great place to learn team work!

Yes, this is where teamwork happens!  And here is is my oldest son cheerfully helping my third born son.

Everyone shared in carrying our three days worth of supplies.  This is my 10 yr old son, carrying his 17 lb pack up the mountain.  In past outdoor adventure posts, people have asked for more, so here it is, photos from the trip!  This is where real life happens.  A mentor of mine frequently says, true profit is measured in discretionary time (for me that means time in the woods with my family).

Lunch Time!

Our favorite meals include instant oatmeal, trail mix, freeze dried dinners (such as Lasagna), and Freeze Dried Deserts! (On this trip we packed blueberry cheesecake)

The river was cold, but beautiful this time of year
More river

From my new SLR camera, my pictures are coming along as my oldest daughter mentors me in the science of shooting great pictures!


Amazing falls at Graveyard Fields - day hike
Helping Hand

Here’s a picture of team work as my second son helps my third born daughter cross the raging river.  Well, not raging, but too cold to step into.

Yes it did snow

Of course, you can’t really count on warm weather.  At 4000 ft, it snowed both nights…we left the mountains on Saturday in 27 degree temperatures and a stiff wind.  Luckily, we were prepared!


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