Black Friday

Everyone’s watching the numbers, predictions continue to say the recovery is on, and shoppers did spend over 4 million this past weekend…however, don’t be fooled.  No one knows what the economy looks like in the coming year, and shopper’s spending has nothing to do with a consulting company’s success in 2010.  In past years, you may have coasted through December, figuring hard work will continue and you’ll likely make your numbers or continue to some level of growth.  This year I’d recommend taking some time to plan.  Companies that plan outperform those that don’t.  Sitting around worrying is not the answer, and continuing down your current path may not be either.  Take time to reflect on what really did work, what contributed to growth, and what was a waste of time.  Chances are you’ll discover things to cut, and new things to build.  Creativity, determination, and persistence will go a long way as we move into the new year.


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