Is electronic medical information safe?

They’re all headed that way – EMR.  Is it safe?  Of course not.  What makes this data at risk? There are two things; first people want it and they know where it is…with the doctor and with the insurance company.  Second, the people creating it, using it, and responsible for it are generally clueless as to the importance of what they have and how easily it will be lost.

Case in point, 1.5 Million Health Net customers exposed through a misplaced hard drive.  The funny thing about this report is that the people responsible for the data did not report it at first, because they didn’t know what was on the hard drive.  How can that be?  Well it can’t, but who wants to admit they exposed 1.5 million social security records in a for profit business?

Health care is a great vertical right now if you understand security.  I just completed an educational marketing event and had the privilege of sitting with several doctors over dinner. They didn’t want to talk about buying products – no surprise there, however they did want to learn about their liability and how to protect their reputation!

Following the event,  most of them were  open to having my client come in to review their risk levels.  Read about Health Net – it’s just one more example of Data@Risk due to uneducated users.,0,1798384.story



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