SMB Sound Bites

Soundbites that matter!  If you call on SMB clients, knowing some of these facts may help you make your case.  Of course, we learned from “Made to Stick” (One of my favorite marketing books) that analytics won’t move  customer to buy; however, from the House & the Cloud, you know that soundbites can be used effectively when used correctly in the sales process.  Take a look at some of these (thanks to Randy Sklar, President of Sklar Technology Partners in Richmond, VA for forwarding these stats from a recently published NCSA/Symantec Study)…

  • The average small business is storing customer data, financial data, and credit card data on site. (We could have assumed this – but there’s more)
  • 58%  of them agree that their data security is not getting better
  • 75% of them are using the Internet to conduct business
  • 42% of them understand that their customers are concerned about data security
  • 86% don’t have anyone focused on securing their data
  • 90% of them are not really doing anything to educate their employees about security.

Sounds like a managed services opportunity to me.



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