Businesses have just two days – are your clients aware of this?

SC Magazine posted this on Sept 29th, 2009 – a short article explaining just how easy it is for Trojans to land on your clients’ computers.  Target emails, infected, containing something interesting…you know the story.  It’s spear phishing…

Banks are getting hit left and right, but apparently not moving toward a fix.  Why?  It seems that they don’t feel the pain, the customer does.  Especially when it deals with online banking and businesses.  If you’re calling on smaller businesses, you can bet they are banking online and don’t have much in the way of end node security.  If hit by cybercriminals, they have just two days to spot fraudulent activities.  Do you think they’re checking this each day?  Not likely – who has time.

Read more on the SC Mag. News Blog:



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