Success with Marketing – tomorrow!

Don’t forget, tomorrow at 11:30 am (east coast time) I’ll be presenting material sales people can use this week!  If your marketing department isn’t giving you all the leads you can use (and even if they are), this material will help you accelerate your 2010 sales pipeline.  You’ll get:

  • Ways to dramatically change the cold calling process
  • A proven strategy for reaching economic buyers
  • A way of organizing contacts that will keep you on top of every prospect
  • What to say when you get executives on the phone
  • A process for moving new contacts to the next level – networking strategies
  • 9 Ways to position yourself as a true “Trusted Advisor”, (even though I hate this over-used term).
  • And a free copy of my latest book, Data@Risk.

Don’t miss it, sign up at (and select the October option at the bottom).  Also check out the upcoming sessions for November, December, and January.


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