Great Follow-up Article on TJX – Easy to Duplicate!

If your clients aren’t worried about security, send them this link:

A simple explanation on how TJX was hacked by accessing data on wireless networks makes it sound easy – and it is.  Heartland is also explained; a simple website compromise easily duplicated by just about anyone.  The bottom line of this article from USAToday is this (sent in by Randy Sklar, President of Sklar Technology Partners); anyone can do it and they are!  It may take a year or more before detection, and maybe never.  Also a few updated sound bites:

–          The bottom of the page  explains why recent reports state TJX losses at 50 million credit cards.  TJX reported this number, while reports from Visa show over 94 million.  Who knows how many numbers were actually compromised.

–          We have over 350 headlines of major companies hacked this year so far.  Last year ended with about 650.  Note that these are headline reports only, not actual attacks. (The Actual number would be much higher).

I would send this to every client/prospect you have, with an offer to come in and explain what is going on.  By the way, follow up on this type of opportunity is the focus of my Making Money with Security program.  Dates were released yesterday for two upcoming classes:

January 15, 2010 – Denver, CO

February 11, 2010 – Charlotte, NC


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