Google, Hotmail, Yahoo…what about Cloud Computing?

Recent hacks against Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have successfully compromised email passwords.  While some people rely on these services for innocuous email exchanges, others are using this for business and other important matters.  What about cloud computing.  If email services such as these are not secure, how will companies move to other cloud services using applications such as spreadsheets?

As for these reported email compromises:

  • Microsoft admits that several thousand Hotmail accounts were compromised – one source reported 9843 user names and passwords were posted online.
  • BBC reported lists of both Yahoo and Gmail users exposed as well.

If they’re getting to these email sources, they’ll also get to other applications in the cloud hosted by these companies…and with the investments companies like Google are making in security, it’s hard to believe anyone has it covered out there – yet I hear  this all the time from IT; “We’ve got it covered”.

Read SC Magazine’s report on this:


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