Thoughts from a Successful Marketing Event

I just finished speaking to over 18 companies on the essential mindsets of securing data.  Here are some important observations.

  • Educational events are the most effective way for you to demonstrate value to new prospects.
  • Surrounding new prospects with great information, a group of your most talented people, and some of your current, satisfied clients is a winning combination
  • Focusing on urgent needs such as Data at Risk creates the open door you need to start the relationship.
  • Inviting people with liability is paramount.
  • Preparing your sales team ahead of time with the right messaging and follow up plan is critical to your success
  • Finally, regardless of the economy, this approach will lead to success. Once again, 75% of our audience is ready to move forward with an evaluation of risk.  After all, it’s not really optional when presented with the real threats.

For more on effective marketing, be sure to attend the October 20th teleseminar on “Successful Marketing to Management”.  Sign up at

©Copyright 2009; David Stelzl


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