Effective Marketing Always Wins over Techincal Prowess

I have a date!  October 20th at 11:30 est – mark your calendars…I will be presenting some of the most effective means of Marketing to Managers.   Since the onset of this business, I’ve met numerous sales people inundated by vendor email and product announcements calling for their devotion.  Don’t do it!  I don’t mean you won’t need to know you products, but rather, prioritize.  Make sure you spend at least as much, or more time becoming a great consultative sales person and marketeer.  History has proven that top marketing companies always win over technical virtuoso.

You’ll get a FREE copy of Data@Risk, my latest book specifically written to executives and asset owners, showing them exactly why their security investments are not paying off.  I’ll share with you at least 4 strategies to reach new prospects, how to engage influencers who block you from buyers, and when and how to move up in the account.  I will be using Data@Risk as a marketing tool in this presentation, so make sure you sign up in time to receive your book for October 20th.

You can sign up online at: www.stelzl.us/subscribe_teleseminar.asp



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