The Tent Makers Advantage

Remember it rained on my recent backpacking trip? Well not only did it rain, but my tent fly ripped on day one. Actually, the seam came apart right at the top, and grew worse over the course of the trip. It’s a fairly new tent and quite expensive at that. This type of thing causes me much aggravation. So upon my return I was winding up for another call to the manufacturer. While I’m irritated with the product failure, I always look at these calls as a chance to practice my own selling skills.

In preparation I hunted for the receipt. You know I have every receipt for every camping accoutrement known to man; with the exception of my tent! So I’m getting ready to make my appeal for some action, but not well equipped. At least I can look up the transaction date on Quicken (which I maintain with extreme diligence).

Here is what Mountain Hardware did…let this be a lesson to all of us who aim to maintain strong account relationships in an overcrowded world of technology solution providers.

  1. First, Mountain Hardware is not the low cost provider. They’re right up there with Northface, MSR, and Sierra Design, and you pay a fortune to have their stuff. And in most cases it’s well designed and exudes quality.
  2. The warranty on my tent is life-time, but you and I know that means almost nothing to some companies.
  3. I called the number in my instruction book (which I did manage to save), and was greeted almost immediately by an upbeat young lady ready to help. I did not have to navigate through 57 automated options to get there!
  4. I explained the problem…and she immediately empathized with me on the misery of having this type of experience while out in the woods, in the rain.
  5. Then she did the most amazing thing. No request for receipt, no need to escalate this issue up to management, and no forms to fill out. “Simply send us the tent and we’ll send you a new one”. They didn’t even offer to fix it. They just replace it.

What can you do that will make your clients love you today? I am a Mountain Hardware customer for life now! What about your clients?


2 thoughts on “The Tent Makers Advantage

    1. It’s rare to find a company that understands the power of customer satisfaction! Since we rely on word of mouth referrals in this business, you’d think people would pay more attention to it.

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