Hacker History – with Gonzalez

This week has been a serious week for Cybercrime Sound bites…here are a few details to remember.

1. First, if you don’t have a copy of WSJ’s front page, Tuesday, AUGUST 18, 2009 – you need one.  This pictures Albert Gonzalez, called the king pin in our nations cybercrime.  28 Years old and running an organization called, “Get Rich or Die Tryin”.

2. Gonzalez was involved in the 4000 member group called Shadowcrew – one I talk about in my book The House & the Cloud.  While that group was busted some time ago, Gonzalez went free after agreeing to become an informant to the secret service.

3. This article reports TJX losses at 40 Million Credit Card numbers – again, this number seems to fluctuate between 40 and 100.  I’m not sure which number is right because they’ve all been quoted in the WSJ and USAToday. 40 makes this new 130 Million number sound much bigger. Who knows.

4. The article quotes TJX losses at $200 Million.  Remember they settled with Visa last year.

5. Gonzales was working with two others from Russia – but there are probably more, and the Russians are said to be “At Large”.

The final paragraph indicates that banks are in trouble, they are insecure, and the expert quoted warns us that putting Gonzalez in jail does not solve the problem.  He’s right.  So memorize the facts and use these sound bites going forward.


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