Insider Threat makes the perimeter useless

Wells Fargo in the news for bank fraud?  This article came from a recent workshop attendee at Heit in Colorado, a company that specializes in bank security.   It’s actually a common thing for insiders to take advantage of systems they know, for personal gain.  Organized crime syndicates sometimes employ someone inside a bank with the title money mule – someone who helps them gain access to system inside the bank.  In the linked article below, there is no mention of organized crime.  Instead, the article reports an insider charged with gaining access to bank accounts and using the money and credentials to create credit cards, debit cards, and pay down their personal debt.  It looks like they have at least 35 years imprisonment coming; maybe more. 

The sales tip – insider threat is real. Firewalls, VPNs, and a bulletproof perimeter (which is never the case) won’t protect companies from this threat.  Let’s face it, there is no perimeter in today’s borderless network world.


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