Bank out of business and officers fined – it does happen!

Yesterday the WSJ reported history’s largest credit card heist of 130 million credit cards, however the following article may be even more important to your next sale!  Note the following important points, and then read the link below:

  1. Dwelling House Savings and Loan, a 119-year-old thrift, was shut down by federal regulators on Friday August 14th
  2. In 2008 federal auditors discovered $3 million had been electronically drained out of this banks capital account – the bank was actually operating $500,000 in a negative equity position.
  3. Cyber thieves (10 to 12 individuals) were behind the heist via electronic bank transfers – leading to insolvency and ultimately bank failure.
  4. Officers of the organization were fined about $10,000 in the past weeks by the Office of Thrift Supervision for failing to implement anti-money-laundering measures and internal controls ordered by the OTS.


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