The Biggest Heist So Far!

Thanks Tim, for sending this in…a great replacement for the overused TJ Max case study!

How big is the biggest credit card heist?  Reports of TJ Max have circulated over the past three years using various numbers ranging from 40 to 150 Million cards captured.  Today’s associated press report  calls it 40 Million, but either way, this story is getting old.  Enter the next leap in information theft statistics – 140 Million. 

Gonzales has now been charged with involvement in the Heartland hacks as well as Hannaford Brothers, and 7-Eleven.  140 numbers reportedly compromised.  Some interesting points in the following story including Gonzales’ position in the secret service working as an agent to stop this type of crime, as well as his Russian colleagues.

The punch line comes at the end of the story where an expert is quoted saying, “this case shows that despite the best efforts by companies to protect data privacy, there are still individuals capable of sneaking in.”  Does anyone think things are improving in the areas of information protection? 

Read more here:


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