Tweet Blocking doesn’t signal a sudden surge in DDOS business

Recent Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on Twitter have lasted days.  Meanwhile,  Cisco has also added to their security arsenal with new DDOS prevention tools that will likely be integrated into their security strategy;  another strong move by Cisco to build more into the Self Defending Network, leaving less for point product pushers to sell.  But don’t be fooled into leading with DDOS.  In my opinion, high impact (with DDOS is) and high likelihood issues are the key to success in any risk based sale.  DDOS represents a major threat for companies like Twitter simply because they are popular and dependent on their online services.  The average company has much more to be worried about in the data loss/data abuse areas – so target these issues first.  As Cisco probably recognizes, DDOS prevention will probably do much better as a built in aspect of the network architecture vs. being another product sales reps carry around to demo.


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