Who are you dating? – new tactics in social engineering

Just in from Tom, a friend and colleague from a recent Making Money with Security class…try this in your next pen test.

“One of the “old school” tactics that the organized crime figures use, says [Avivah Litan, an analyst at the Gartner Group], is going to the local watering holes and seducing young girls and finding out where they work. The mob’s tactic of dating new employees who work at companies that have access to customer data leads to Litan’s warning, ‘He’s not after your heart; he’s after your data.’ ”

“If the mafia considers that selling sensitive information is a legitimate line of business, then clearly the days of just amateurs committing breaches are well behind us,” Holland observes.

  Read the article on cybercrime and organized crime, some of the unexpected tactics used in a recent data heist.  




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