How often are your clients being attacked? Read on…

More data is under attack than you realize…or at least your prospects realize.  This study shows that corporations are under attack every day.  But as with many of the breaches reported over the past year, it often takes companies a long time to discover the problem.  This comes from SC Magazine, July 16, 2009.  Learn the sound bites and use them.

  • 92 percent of respondents said that their company’s data has been attacked in the past six months.
  • CEOs are often more confident about their organization’s ability to prevent data breaches than are other executives
  • CEOs are likely more optimistic about their organization’s struggle to protect data because they have passed off those responsibilities to others
  • Part of the disparity in perception also may arise because employees do not always give CEOs the whole story of what is going on with respect to data loss

Two take-aways from this study are: Most companies really are under attack whether they realize it or not, and senior management is usually the last to know, making it harder to get budget approval.  Getting to the asset owners, people with liability, is a critical part of the security sales process.  Without their support, IT will continue to say, “We’ve got it covered”.  After all, their reputation is at stake.

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