Noteworthy Lessons from a Recent Profit Program Workshop

I just completed a two day Profit Program Workshop in Tampa FL.  This workshop is specifically built for business owners and executives charged with building a profitable solution provider business in the technology space.  A few key points worth noting:

  1. Value cannot be based on the products you sell
  2. Just about everything you sell is a commodity – the exception is your IP
  3. Educational based marketing topics must target executives, not IT
  4. Referral business is much easier when there is a business benefit to what you sell.
  5. No one really wants to buy another computer right now.
  6. Your marketing message must have synergy across all marcom, websites, and discussions
  7. 40% of your business revenue should be recurring – this builds strong valuation.
  8. Risk mitigation is the first thing people will spend money, but it must be urgent.

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