Don’t Click on that Ad!

Web Ad Sound Bite from the WSJ

Do the users in your accounts ever click on web ads?  I’ve often said that it’s easy to break in – and it’s getting easier as hackers develop more clever rues to trick users into installing malware.  Yesterday’s WSJ reported on the use of web ads saying,

“Viruses can be incorporated directly within an ad, so that simply clicking on the ad or visiting the site can infect a computer, or ads can be used to direct users to a nefarious Web site that aims to steal passwords or identities. In most cases, the problem becomes apparent within a matter of hours and quick fixes are put in place, but that’s not fast enough for Internet surfers whose computers end up infected or compromised.”

Let me add one comment to this.  I don’t like the use of the word virus here as virus generally refers to something disruptive and apparent.  Malware or more specifically, spyware and Trojan would be more accurate.


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