Making Money with Security in Boston

Here are just a few notes, personal observations, regrets, and improvement points from participants that attended the Making Money with Security level one workshop in Boston this week:

  • A great sound bite on 40,000 websites infected this week with malware that spreads to PCs with key loggers, changing its form to avoid detection –  This just sent in by one of my clients in the mid-Atlantic region.  Stay tuned for more current sound bites.
  • Leading with product makes price my primary differentiator – not good.
  • Security is a discipline – not a product.  I’m going to make this part of every sale.
  • I need to work on my value proposition before meeting with executives – we only have one shot and it has to be perfect.
  • The most important point – how to keep an executive engaged long term – not get delegated down to IT.
  • I need to learn how to sell to people who are not in IT.
  • I wish I could get our entire sales team to understand these concepts!

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