Winter in New Zealand!

Actually, it’s the last month of fall here, but it sure feels like winter in the snowy town of Queensland.  I’m on the last day of my two week tour, having conducted several workshops in both Australia and New Zealand.  The people have been great to work with here, and as the economy has affected sales people all across the world, we’ve been able to exchange many ideas on how to leverage a growing threat in cybercrime that truely is international. 

A key point that seems to come up in every workshop dealing with the sale of technology,  most people are too busy keeping up with all the products, features, announcements, etc. to spend the needed time reading and learning about sales and marketing.  I understand this and see how many emails and documents come across the desks of the people I am working with.  My advice…prioritize the sales and maketing expertise above the product knowledge requirements.  You’ll need some of both, but without growing in your understanding of sales and marketing, you’ll never reach your true potential. 

An now for a few shots of the area (before I even go site seeing):

Coming into Queenstown NZ
Coming into Queenstown NZ
Across from my Hotel
Across from my Hotel
In town
In town

2 thoughts on “Winter in New Zealand!

  1. That is incredible! I need to get the family over there for a homeschool field trip and maybe sell some security services while I’m at it!

    1. It is! Next step for me is to get the family over as well….although there’s probably not much work in this small town.

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