Recent Mid-Altlantic Demand Gen Event

Well, after numerous attempts to get my traveling computer back in  service, I finally gave in and reloaded the entire system last night (note recent posts on my Dell support experience).  So I’m back in business in the electronic age.  Now on to more important things…

This weeks marketing events proved again that education, at the business leader level (when done properly), will convert an entire group of people with no apparent need, into educated consumers.  The results are clear:

– 31 attendees

– 20 companies represented

– 15 companies committed to move forward

– and best of all, we landed 35 additional meetings with people who wanted to attend, but were not able to make the date!

So with a strong focus, compelling message, and a mediocre list to work from, my client now has 50 appointments, and a strong follow up plan that will lead to some type of sale in nearly every case (based on previous events).

Stay tuned – I,m headed to New Zealand this afternoon with a full schedule in Auckland, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne over the next two weeks.  I hope to post some pictures along the way as well as update you on how the security message is playing out on the other side of the world.


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