Do your Clients use MySpace or FaceBook? Read on…

Chances are they do.  Can you stop them – not likely, and even if you could, they’d be taking work home where family members have become addicted to social networking.  It’s a way of like.  Meanwhile, cybergangs see social networking sites as the next big target for spreading bot technology.  The linked article below explains how these gangs have developed worms like Koobface that are used to spread malware through social networking sites, breaking into address books and duplicating themselves through trusted messages throughout the system.

In addition, cybergangs are now hiring cheap labor to break through the barriers presented by captchas – those warped letters you often enter to gain access to a blog or social site.  Since more advanced captchas are difficult for computers to decipher, they hire rooms full of workers, paying up to 1 cent per captcha, or a possible 3 dollars per hour.

What’s the point?  Once again, depending on firewall protection to keep corporate data secure, won’t work.  As office workers access these sites from the office or at home, they are bound to be duped into downloading malware programmed to steal passwords, provide remote control access, and multiply.  By knowing how this works – and citing articles such as the link below, you gain credibility as you educate your clients on the dangers of working online.  A holistic security strategy is needed – all the way to the end node.


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