Opportunity: Getting rid of old systems.

One of the issues I talk about in my Data@Risk book is that of getting rid of old systems that still have sensitive data on them.  Most managers have no idea what they are doing when it comes to disposal.  Often I see them stored in a back room or sold off to a solution provder with the intention of reselling them; big mistake.  It’s difficult and expensive to make sure systems are clean enough to resell or donate.  I recently ran into a company with a unique value proposition – might be a partnering opportunity for those of you doing large refresh projects.  The company is Reclamere…

Reclamere works with companies that take protecting private and sensitive information assets seriously.  The company can facilitate the logistical support to remove any number of legacy IT assets (PCs, monitors, printers, etc.).  Reclamere has the capability to provide for the complete destruction and full documentation of all forms of digital data.  These services can be provided nationwide with a short turnaround time.  You can contact Joe Harford  directly at joseph@reclamere.com or visit his website for more info at www.reclamere.com.


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