Making Managed Services Work

Managed services is a misunderstood term with too many disparate definitions; at the same time, it’s an essential part of financial stability.  I was speaking with one of my coaching clients yesterday who, two years ago had zero dollars in recurring revenue, and now has about 2 million annually with a 40% margin.  Try to get that in hardware, or better yet consistently realize it in services over a year (including bench time).   

Based on excellent feedback from our March teleseminar, I have scheduled a phone conference specifically on Building and Selling managed services.  This will be geared to small and mid-sized resellers/solution providers who are serious about growing managed services in some form.  So whether you’ve already built it and just want to see sales take off, or you’ve been working on it and just don’t have the program working, this will provide specific steps to take in order to move forward.  Sign up here: – we’ll start at 11:30 East Coast time just like last week, and there will be an MP3 available a few days after the session.


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