Making Money in a Miserable Economy – Follow Up Notes

Today’s teleseminar was a huge success and very well attended, including people from all parts of the country; resellers, manufacturers, software publishers, and distributors.  A recording of today’s session will be made available to those who attended.  I will also be providing a copy for purchase to those who were not able to attend for $150.  A couple of key sound bites from today’s call:

  • 1. Executives must take action – they’re under tremendous pressure by shareholders, boards, and superiors. Using strategies and techniques presented in today’s call, it is important that solution providers reposition themselves to provide leadership and support.
  • 2. It’s time to rid yourself of time wasting activities as well as unnecessary expenses; however, don’t confuse this with sound investments, marketing, and calculated expansion. Cisco and IBM both exemplify this behavior as they cut in certain areas, while expanding in others. IBM’s recent layoff announcements coincide with tremendous investment plans if they acquire SUN. Those who gain new ground will be positioned for growth as the economy recovers.
  • 3. Don’t sell other people’s stuff and don’t chase other people’s programs. Personal branding is an essential part of the recovery process. Sales people must work to brand and position themselves as thought leaders while the need is great. Take ground while others are scrambling.

I’ve already received a number of comments and questions from those who attended today’s session.  I look forward to hearing from you as you apply today’s principles.  Also be sure to check out Friday’s new podcast – see links on the sidebar.


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