Who wants a $30 Billion contract?

Up to $30 billion in Cyber Security – The US government is right now in the midst of evaluating the state of security across US Internet infrastructure; I don’t expect good news to come out of this.  Budgets aren’t yet established, but it’s going to be in the billions, and numbers like 30 billion are being tossed around.  Who will get these contracts?  Will they go to firms that really understand security?  If you have connections in the federal space, and a team that understands security, I’d start making friends with Information Assurance and talking about it. Another option is to start a federally focused sales team (be aware you’re going to need some certifications to do this).  A recent Wall Street article states the alternative,

 “Some intelligence officials worry the government’s clunky contracting system will end up awarding contracts to familiar big companies that lack the highly skilled technicians who gravitate toward smaller firms.”  Do you think Northrop Grumman and Lockheed have the skills to pull this off or is the money better spent on smaller more specialized security focused firms?  I’d love to hear you opinion on this.


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