Washington DC: Making Money with Security

Unlike my recent NYC trip, my limo driver was professional, had an immaculate car, and was right on time.  Coupled with great weather, beautiful accommodations, and the company of the entire Stelzl family – it’s kind of like being on vacation.  The family headed off to DC to take thousands of pictures of various historical figures, buildings, and landscapes (part of today’s home school history curriculum), while I headed to our one day workshop.

We had an excellent group in Herndon – about 25 sales professionals working to take their business to the next level.  A mixed group of solution providers, some doing very well and focusing on the right things, others struggling with some of the decisions their companies are making in the midst of a down economy.  I’m always amazed at some of the steps senior management will take when under pressure to make the numbers.  They think that yelling louder, reorganizing the team, or placing more accountability on the rep will somehow turn the tide despite the economy.  What they’re missing is a strong offering that has the potential to improve the client’s position.  Lee said it best; “We lead with analysis, use project work to improve the client’s situation, and then follow up with a managed offering that is built to offer long lasting results and recurring revenue. ”  This is the profit program in its most basic form.


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