Off to DC, meanwhile Brazilian Cyber Gangs Target Online Banking

As we prepare for our trip to DC where I’ll be conducting the next Making Money with SecurityTM workshop – scheduled for tomorrow in Herndon, there’s an interesting article in USA Today on the birthing place of banking Trojans.  A side note – this trip promises to be exciting as we are bringing along the entire family (all 9 of us) to view the sites in DC. 

 If you recall, back in January there were reports of massive banking Trojans circling the globe via internet – Slammer like malware, only this time surreptitious in nature, a special form of malware that targets online banking relationships.  These Trojans are programmed to fine PCs used to bank online – they sit silently awaiting the connection, at which time they wake up and begin recording access codes and facilitating third-party access to the herder – the one in charge of the Trojan.  They’re sophisticated, hard to spot, developed by Brazilian Cybergangs, and now they’re for sale.


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