Leveraging Risk – the Final Session

Session 5 on Leveraging Security posted today on my Podcast site.  This session goes into some of the companies that successfully use security and concepts of risk to drive new business.  Next week I will be working through a couple of weeks on specific threats I see growing over the next year and how security sales will develop.  You’ll want to stay on top of this as we move from there into some specific examples of how to drive new business using risk.

Also, a number of people have inquired about my overdue book.  It’s close – I had a minor glitch in getting things edited, however I have engaged a firm and am about halfway through.  We should be in print next month with Data @ Risk, Building an Asset Mindset Toward Securing Data – remember, this is a book that parallels the House & the Cloud, specifically written for your clients to show them where their need is and what to do about it.  My goal is to position security experts from your firm to help companies that are operating with inadequate security programs.


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