Finding the Pain

In our marketing strategy workshop yesterday we recognized that security pain is often not seen by the client – it must be proven.  Today’s attacks are mostly stealth, and so the likelihood of your client having experienced any true security pain over the past year is low.  Gaining agreement to assess security is not always easy; however it can be done as part of other infrastructure projects you are engaged in.  If you’re a solution provider, you may have an advantage here because you touch so many different aspects of a clients IT investment. 

Which brings me to today’s podcast – the 10 Domains of Security.  Limiting security sales to firewalls and IDS or AV applications is short sighted.  Take a look at the enormous scope of security through the discussion I offer on these 10 domains.  Chances are you’re well positioned already to take advantage of these – it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.  Check it out at  and select “Subscribe to Premium Content” on the right.


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